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Michigan Mograph BBQ Invite Animation

Fifth Annual Michigan Motion BBQ

Every so often Scott Waraniak, the owner of Lunar North and all around cool dude, hosts a bbq at his house and invites all the local motion designers to come hang out, eat stuff, and drink stuff, etc etc. What better way to get the word out than to make a cool animated invite? I was lucky enough to have been asked to participate this year. Each participating member or members were given the start and end frame and a few colors to stick to, from there they are able to do whatever they want. I got the word “motion” and thought I’d make a large grid full of small animations to show as much “motion” as I could within 5 seconds. I only had about a week to make this so I had to be smart about how I went about tackling this beast.

Director: Scott Waraniak
Fifth: Nick Parente, Jake Williams, Amy Sundin
Annual: Dan Maurer
Michigan: First Fight
Motion: Scott Hoch
BBQ: David Holm, Chris Guyon
Saturday: Keith Slawinski, Todd Hersey
August: Julie Craft
18: Hobbes
2018: Billy Chitkin
End Card: Lunar North
Sound: Josh Jouppi / Friendship Park