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Benefit 5 Opening Video

Benefit 5 Opening Video

Every year the Children’s Tumor Foundation hold’s a a fundraising event to help end NF. This year’s theme was fantasy and adventure which opened the gates for some fun collaboration. It was a great opportunity to combine specialties and create a fun mix of Live Action, 3D, VFX, and Cel animation.

Client: Children’s Tumor Foundation
Director: Nicholas Dean
Producer: Christina El-Haddad
Director of Photography: Jon Mitchell
Art Director: Tommy Herrmann
Editorial: Former Co.
VFX: Tommy Herrmann, Jon Mitchell
3D Animation: Tommy Herrmann
Cel Animation: Scott Hoch
Sound: Hudson Edit


I was tasked with of all the 2D effects animation on this project and did various explorations to find a style and look that would capture the imaginative mood we were going for. We wanted cool over the top action while staying playful, whimsical and cartoonish. I found tons of great examples of anime style effects animation online from artists like Naoki Yoshibe and Rafael Araujo as well as the Adventure Time opening animation.